Lawful Tax Rebellion

“Those who control the money control the man”

History shows us that the most effective way of resisting illegitimate, incompetent or corrupt Government is to engage in tax rebellion.  Magna Carta, the founding of the United States of America, Indian independence, the end of the Vietnam War and the repeal of the poll tax all came about as a result of tax rebellions – the refusal of the people to pay taxes.  Without the money to pay for their activities Governments are powerless.

Today we have an historic opportunity to engage in lawful tax rebellion.   Under the laws of war citizens are forbidden from taking part in warfare on the side of the aggressor and are legally bound to disobey orders to support or take part in an illegal war of aggression[Footnote].  This legal duty to refuse to obey unlawful orders includes tax demands.  If governments use money raised by taxation to wage illegal war or to attack and kill civilians, then under international law a taxpayer’s normal duty to pay tax is reversed and becomes a duty to withhold tax.

The very essence of the Charter is that individuals have international duties which transcend the national obligations of obedience imposed by the individual State.   He who violates the laws of war cannot obtain immunity while acting in pursuance of the authority of the State, if the State in authorising action moves outside its competence under international law…

Nuremburg War Crimes Tribunal 1946


Each of the wars fought since 2001 against Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya is illegal.  Not only does the use of armed force violate the Treaty for the Renunciation of War and the UN Charter, but by killing 1m adults and 450,000 children, the leaders and taxpayers of Coalition, NATO and ISAF governments committed murder, war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide.

It may come as a shock to many law abiding citizens that, under international criminal law and the legal doctrine of joint enterprise, every British, NATO or ISAF citizen who has paid tax since October 2001 is technically an accessory to the war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocides committed by ISAF Governments against the Afghan people and is criminally liable for arrest, prosecution and punishment as a principal offender.  You will be pleased to know however that the legislation provides relief[Footnote] for taxpayers who were deceived into believing the war was legal and unwittingly supported the crimes.  Providing you end your participation in the crimes immediately and withhold all taxes from your government and its agents you will not be punished for aiding and abetting the crimes.

One effective way of withholding tax from Parliament and Government is to place all tax payments into escrow accounts held by a third party such as a bank or a court.  The money cannot be released to the tax collector until the terms of the escrow are met.   In this case, because members of Britain’s Parliament and Government have violated the laws of war and committed serious crimes against the Afghan, Iraqi and Libyan people, the terms of the escrow can be set to ensure that the money will not be handed over until such time as all ISAF[Footnote] Parliaments and Governments have stopped the war with Afghanistan, ended the use of force, recalled the troops and started criminal proceedings against those responsible for war crimes.

By working together as a Taxpayers Union engaged in lawful tax rebellion and steering taxes into escrow accounts we will force UK, US and NATO Governments to end the wars and the killing and propel our leaders out of office and into court.  Only when the troops have returned and criminal charges have been laid against Britain’s political civil judicial and military leaders will the money be released to the UK Government to use for lawful purposes.

I’m often asked whether tax rebels can be prosecuted for failure to pay tax.  The answer is no, you can’t be prosecuted if the tax is paid into an escrow account, but you might be prosecuted if you refuse to pay tax.  Once you’ve paid the tax into the escrow account you have fulfilled your legal duty to pay tax; the money belongs to the Government but they can’t access it until they act lawfully.  By using escrow accounts to withhold tax from Governments we are taking back control of the money and forcing leaders to carry out the will of the people.  This civil obedience campaign is designed to compel leaders to obey the law.

It is worth repeating that without money Governments are powerless. Tax rebellion is the single most effective way of forcing governments to bow to the will of the people; but it only works if thousands join the rebellion. If the majority of taxpayers continue to pay tax then Governments will continue to wage illegal wars.  So it is down to each of us to end the carnage.  If you want to uphold the law, stop the war and end the killing, then stop paying tax.   If you want the war and the killing to continue, then continue paying tax – the choice is yours.  By joining in tax rebellion we will together end the war, save thousands of lives, bring war criminals to justice, overthrow corrupt Governments and take a giant step towards a just, equitable and peaceful world.

“War is essentially an evil thing.  Its consequences are not confined to the belligerent states alone, but affect the whole world.  To initiate a war of aggression therefore, is not only an international crime, it is the supreme international crime differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole.”

Nuremburg War Crimes Tribunal 1946

Chris Coverdale   Making Wars History and Occupy London   May 2012


You will be committing multiple criminal offences under domestic and international law  if you continue to contribute in any way whatsoever to the British Government’s unlawful armed attacks on innocent men, women and children in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya.

You will be committing multiple criminal offences under domestic and international law  if you continue to contribute in any way whatsoever to the British Government’s unlawful armed attacks on innocent men, women and children in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya.

In law it is a crime of ‘accessory to murder’ for a person to facilitate an act of murder by a third party by providing the perpetrator with the means for the commission of the crime.  The ‘means’ can be anything which the murderer uses to commit the crime – such things as the weapon(s), the weapons training provided to the perpetrators or assassins, the ‘getaway’ vehicle, the supplies, equipment and materials needed for the commission of the crime, the housing, offices and facilities used to plan and organise the crime, and the most important ‘means’ of all – the money to pay for everything associated with the crime.

By misleading taxpayers into believing that taxes would be used for the lawful purpose of defence of the realm, but then using the money for the unlawful purpose of waging wars of aggression against the Afghan, Iraqi and Libyan people, Parliament and the Government deceived taxpayers into funding the unlawful attacks by NATO and ISAF forces which have caused the deaths of 1.2m civilians, including 400,000 children, injured and maimed 3m, driven 8m into exile and destitution whilst destroying their property, their livelihoods, their communities and their hope.

These massacres are the worst atrocities ever committed by British citizens and they constitute crimes of murder, conspiracy, terrorism, genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity, crimes against peace and aggression under common law and under the Offences Against the Person Act 1861, sections 51 and 52 of the International Criminal Court Act 2001, the Terrorism Acts 2000 and 2006, the Accessories and Abettors Act 1861 and the Criminal Law Act 1977.

By using taxpayers’ money to recruit, train, equip, arm and pay HM armed forces to participate in unlawful wars and armed attacks in which innocent Afghan, Iraqi and Libyan nationals were killed solely because of their nationality, the UK Government committed genocide and unwittingly involved all UK taxpayers as accessories to the worst crimes known to mankind.

Any person who knowingly participates in any way whatsoever in these wars commits an offence and under common law and the doctrine of joint enterprise becomes criminally liable for arrest, prosecution and punishment as a principal offender and an accessory to the crimes.  Citizens not only have a duty to refuse to participate in these crimes, but they must report all offenders [anyone collecting or paying tax] to the police so that they can begin criminal proceedings.

For all these reasons taxpayers are legally obliged to refuse to pay tax and to continue to refuse to pay tax until the UK Government halts the killing, ends its illegal wars, stops all unlawful use of armed force, initiates criminal proceedings against British war criminals, halts purchases of weapons, terminates all employment in HM Armed Forces, decommissions weapons and military equipment and proves conclusively that it is abiding by war law and the terms of the UN Charter.

Save lives, join the Tax Rebellion now


24 Responses to LAWFUL DUTY

  1. Mel Beasley says:

    Best idea I’ve seen in a long time. Bring on the trial of Blaire.

  2. Patric says:

    I’ve been trying to tell people about the evils that people have been unknowingly (and far worse, knowingly) funding around the world since Bush was in office. I’m still relatively new to all this, but it’s obvious how deep, how far, and how quickly this monster is operating. I hope this idea spreads in the USA–I know that the members of the
    Campaign for Liberty, compatriots of Ron
    Paul and others, will be immediately receptive to this idea. Alex Jones would also be a good loudspeaker for this. All power to the imagination.

  3. veganpanda says:

    Hang on, if we withhold our taxes (using an escrow account) so the govt/councils, etc get nothing, surely they will make even MORE cuts affecting the poor & vulnerable???!!

  4. Julian Snare says:

    I spoke with the inland revenue today re self assessment regarding the direct selling campaign, because I only do this every so often I forgot to even add this to my tax returns. I was told by the HMR&C that when filling in the tax form I would have to “choose my penalty” (verbatum) I’m caught between the devil and the deep blue sea here. If I have to choose my penalty then I chose withholding of tax.

    • liam omullane says:

      Hi Julian, did you get this put through as I’m interested in applying this to my 13/14 tax return which is due this year.


  5. Roy says:

    To Vegan Panda,
    So lets just keep unlawfully funding the killing of innocent people…is that what you are saying?

    • Vegan Panda says:

      Does it look like I said that?? I’m against ALL wars & the arms industry, etc & always will be!!

      I’m talking about those those who withhold their tax & not just the part the helps fund wars, I know there are many people who pay NO tax but they use the roads, pavements & many other council/govt services!

      • Snook says:

        Government services, i thought that came under council tax. Income tax on the other hand is specifically used to wage war on women and children, whilst accusing their men of terrorism. If they won’t play our satanic game we will just murder them and get our voters to pay for it, making them implicit murderers also. I use the word Satanic, as it is the only word that describes this process perfectly. Oh and Capitalism !

  6. Hi I am interested in this, where do I go to do this? I live in London England UK.

  7. Michelle says:

    How do employees pay tax into an escrew account? My understanding is that employers are obliged to be the tax collector (sic) and direct income tax, p.a,y.e. and n.i. contributions to HMRC.

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  9. mac says:

    Send Inland revenie a affadavit(Estopell)

  10. Sheila Smith says:

    The only tax I pay now is V.A.T. Is there any way I can withhold that?

  11. Richard says:

    Where do you join this tax rebellion

    • dee says:

      You tube..John harris council tax and how to deal with bailiffs ..also Google get out of debt free. Org

  12. phil ray says:

    Can you give me details on how to do this please

  13. Vincent Bailey says:

    How do you rebel against the government by refusing to pay tax when tax is taken from pay? P A Y E.
    How can you divert that into a bank account? Is there an organisation that can take money and details from pay and transfer to hmrc once conflict has ended?

  14. Mark pleavin says:

    Absolutely ive been in lawful rebellion for ages me and my family

  15. Stephen says:

    How do we do this then

  16. wesley hayden says:

    I dont understand your position.
    Your saying its still ok to allow for the government to tax your productive time & energy in the form of tax (which really is theft as it is taken at source) but instead of just giving the government free money to spend on death….you would rather they keep it in there biscuit tin for later?

    Can you assert the authority that decieded to tax men and women, or the divine law which states every man and woman should be taxed.

    Last time I checked, food does literally grow on trees and those trees dont make tax demands on who uses their fruit.

    Wierd huh?

    • wesley hayden says:

      tax is theft.

      Its called tax but its no different than the school yard bully taking your dinner money by threat of violence (coersion).
      This means it is not voluntary, it is forced upon people using their fear of man.

      Fear not ye who can kill the body but not the soul.

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