“We, the citizens and residents of Great Britain, no longer accept a taxation system where we’re forced to support illegal warfare. We won’t support the unlawful killing of men, women and children or the destruction of their property.

We acknowledge that our government has killed a million adults and 450,000 children in waging unlawful wars against Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. These wars have also injured 3 million people, and driven 8 million of them into exile.

We admit that by paying taxes we have unwittingly supported the illegal wars.

We confirm that we have never intentionally broke the laws of war, and that we made our tax payments to parliament, the British government and its agents in the mistaken belief that they were to be used for lawful purposes.

We renounce all forms of violence against any human being.

We promise never to aid, abet or support a war of aggression. This means an unlawful use of armed force which breaches international treaties and agreements.

We withdraw our consent to the payment of taxes [income tax, council tax, vehicle tax, VAT, PAYE, Corporation tax, fines, duties etc] and all payments to the UK or EU governments, or their agents, for as long as they continue to use our money to violate international treaties and the laws of war.

We give notice to any corporation or person acting as an agent of the UK, US and EU governments of their lawful duty to pay all taxes, duties, fines or loan repayments into escrow accounts. The money in these accounts can then only be accessed by tax collectors when our political, civil, judicial and military leaders recall the troops and begin to uphold and enforce correctly the laws of war.

Our intention in taking this action is to create a peaceful, fair, just, equitable, law-abiding, compassionate, democratic society working in co-operation and brotherhood with all nations. We want to bring about a better world for this and future generations.


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I have recently discovered that under the laws of war it is a war crime to pay tax to a Government that uses the funds to wage a war of aggression.   British Governments have been waging illegal wars against the people of Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya since 1998.  Using weapons of mass destruction, such as cruise missiles, rockets, bombs, drones and depleted uranium munitions, NATO, ISAF and Coalition governments have caused the deaths of 1.2m civilians, including 400,000 children, have injured or maimed 3m and driven 8m into exile and destitution.   These are the worst atrocities in UK history and under the law of England and Wales they are crimes of aggression, genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes.

This is to notify you that under no circumstances will I take any further part in these heinous crimes.  To that end I hereby withdraw my authorisation to you to make PAYE and National Insurance deductions from my wages / salary or to transfer this money to the British Government on the grounds that such payments involve me in these offences and render me criminally liable for arrest, prosecution and punishment as an accessory to the crimes.

I demand that from now on you transfer all payments of tax and National Insurance made on my behalf to an ‘escrow’ account to be withheld from the Government until such time as it can prove in court that it is obeying, upholding and enforcing the international laws of war.

I remind you that under the doctrine of joint enterprise, if you fail to withhold all tax payments from HM Government whilst it is engaged in an illegal war or the unlawful use of armed force, you will personally become criminally liable for arrest, prosecution and punishment for these crimes as a principal offender.

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16 Responses to NOTICES

  1. bogbeagle says:

    There’s a good few people who now agree with this stance … that, somehow, the State must be starved into submission. Problem is that it takes considerable courage and commitment to with-hold taxation.

    Most people have neither.

    So, an “easier” avenue must be found.

    I am, personally, investigating ways in which it may be possible to with-hold/withdraw all Consent to the Governance of Parliament. I’m doing this in the belief that it may be possible to achieve without too much direct confrontation … as a small step on the road.

    Whatever avenues we try; and whatever avenues prove to be dead-ends; there is a change afoot, I think.

    • Mark says:

      Good luck buddy, and good on you for trying. It would seem a good idea to my simple mind that instead of putting the money in the Escrow account, we simply take back the responsibility of directing this money. Still pay the same amount of tax, but we direct it ourselves. That way we can choose to not kill children with it, or to line rich peoples pockets, and live in what sounds like a democracy, where we vote with our contributions. Peace and love

    • The Cestui Que Vie act 1666 declared us lost at sea and everything we own taken in TRUST. Have you checked that out? I’ve heard that today our birth certificates get bought by the bank for £6m each, and that money goes into trust for us. But we have all been declared lost at sea because of the above 1666 law and have to fill in legal papers to prove we’re not lost at sea to get our £6m plus it’s interest by the age of 7yrs old. Otherwise the bankers take the money and keep it for themselves. The governments know about this – lets face it, they passed the law for the bankers to profit from it, so they must have known what they were doing – so it may be something you could look at if you haven’t already.
      I don’t speak “law” so I’m not sure of the ins and outs of this act, but have heard they trade our birth certificates. I’ve also heard that the contracts we sign every time we want something – electricity suppliers, gas suppliers, phones… everything you sign a contract for, is all so that they (the bankers and our trust account holders) can draw the payments for each thing, so in effect, we are paying bills with our wages but the bills are already paid for out of the money in trust from our birth certificate sale! We’re paying twice for everything.
      As I say, it may help. It may not. Good luck and I hope this is the answer, because I’m flat broke and cant eat every day and my council is on at me for council tax which I issued a Promissory note for but they are choosing to completely ignore. They wont even speak to me about it – just send me letters demanding payments. I’m sick of it all. They are evil.

  2. anita says:

    I am in Australia and commend your bold and brave efforts to bring your government to account in the name of world peace. I only discovered your site today, after reading Revolution Harry’s article and the comments. This site was mentioned by an Anonymous.

    So now I am wondering how many people are actually signing up to pay into the escrow account?
    I have found so few people in Australia to be on this wave length, it is alarming.

    I am also a Christian, which is why I found Revolution Harry’s article particularly thoughtful, in dissecting all the info and disinfo out there. I agreed totally with Anonymous, that we can all do our bit, more than, especially with Money and Law, although I think in Oz it will be more of an uphill battle.

    Anyway, I wish you and your countrymen and women every success.

  3. is this correct? – I’ll have a research and would LOVE to then support this movement

  4. Thank you, and well done, you have saved me some painstaking letter writing this evening. It is my intention to share and spread this information far and wide

  5. Dave banner says:

    why can’t you just keep your tax? it is money you have earned…..

    • Nadine says:

      You can. You only have to pay because you are consenting to. Keep looking down that rabbit hole. For statute laws to have any bearing on us, we must consent. We consent when we do not respond in kind to their notices and demands and correct their assumption that we are the strawmen and women they are writing to.

  6. desertspeaks says:

    The alleged government claims authority of by and from a CONstitution.. “federal and state in the U.S.” However, it is res judicata that the PRIVATE PERSON is NOT a party to the CONstitution.
    When someone is NOT a party to some agreement/contract/compact/CONstitution, then they CANNOT be obligated to it or any promulgations resulting from/of/by it.
    ie; laws/statutes/codes/policies”.
    This then, begs the question, why, where, how and when did we “private people” become chattel to the alleged government?
    We must also remember, per their own private laws. Slavery and involuntary servitude is ILLEGAL!
    ALL government wonks have all been told that their private for profit corporate laws automatically apply to everyone within a given geographic area, it is their opinion that their laws apply, they believe if applies to everyone, they assume and presume it applies to everyone. BUT hearsay, opinions, beliefs, assumptions and presumptions aren’t factually proof that it’s applicable to the PRIVATE PERSON!

    Anyone who supports the the above assertion, “that the laws automatically apply to everyone within a given geographic area” should be prepared to provide irrefutable evidence that PROVES that their private laws apply to any private person who is physically within the exterior fictional boundaries of a state.
    Oh, and saying the laws apply because the laws say they apply, is just circular reasoning and proves nothing but a statist psychopathy!

    We must also be aware that ALL government employees are required by their own private laws, to swear an oath/contract that obligates them to be bound by their private corporate CONstitution and private corporate laws.
    The government wonks claim that their private laws automatically apply to everyone. IF that were true, then why are they “government employees” required to swear an oath/contract to something that automatically applied even before they swore/contracted to be bound by it??
    Would it not make sense that if, as they claim, that their private laws automatically applied, then there would be absolutely no need to swear/contract to be bound by these private laws???

  7. thinking lady says:

    I don’t pay tax.I am retired.on low income
    I applaud your campaign from the bottom of my empty heart. Drained after Years of trying to fight injustice. Taken many ‘beatings’ from corruption. Pleased to find your site as it gives me new hope and courage as I have an ongoing issue with justice and those who pretend to administer it. Good Luck.

  8. robert says:

    i would love to support this movement, but what do i have do get an escrow account set up, will i have access to this account ect. ?

  9. Dave Fabian says:

    Pay nothing !
    Stop funding corrupt governance !
    Mass Refusal to Pay is the only way forward !

  10. John Smith says:

    it’s all king john’s fault

  11. tony of the family: clements says:

    Hi thank you very much for the information, I was unaware that these wars were illegal, and as I am again any kind of murderous acts against any living being. I have never voted for any government as I think they are a bunch of evil clowns, I do not wish to have anything to do with bad corporation’s and want to stop them stealing my hard earned labour without my consent. I don’t support anyone who kills or involved in criminal activities. yours truly tony

  12. I absolutely want more prove before I commited & do more research on that.Not many of us know about it enough!!

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